E-Liquid Australia

We are thrilled to offer a range of naturally flavoured e-liquid for electronic cigarette users in Australia. Our gourmet e-liquid flavours are made with a blend of fresh, natural fruits, herbs and foods. After years of research, we have chosen only the finest ingredients, that we believe to be the best in the world.

Australia’s Premium E-Liquid Supplier

We offer an exclusive range of double strength e-liquid flavours for vapers in Australia. All of our e-juice flavours have been made with precision by some of the best e-liquid manufacturers in the world. We are proud to supply only premium e-liquids that are made with the highest quality ingredients, to assure the purest and most flavoursome vaping experience.
Our amazing range of e-liquid flavours will exceed your expectations and please even the most seasoned e-liquid connoisseur. Whether you like tobacco flavours, or your taste buds prefer something sweeter, we have a premium blend you’re looking for.

E-Liquid, What is it?

If you are a smoker looking to make the switch to electronic cigarettes, you’re probably curious about what you’ll be putting into your lungs instead of that dreadful tobacco smoke. E-liquid (also known as E-juice) is made for the electronic cigarette and contains only a few ingredients including Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, and Food flavourings. All e-liquids use PG, VG or both. The PG/VG base holds the flavours in suspension and turns to vapour quickly when heat is applied. These are the jobs of PG and VG in e-liquids and they make up the vast majority of the volume of any e-liquid. All of the e-liquid brands we stock are made with a combination of Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, and Food flavouring.
E-Liquid is contained in the form of a bottle (10ml, 15ml, 30ml, 60ml) which is used for filling clearomizers, tanks, drippers and cartomizers.
We offer a premium range of naturally flavoured e-liquid, for people seeking only the highest quality e-juice.

E-Liquid for the Electronic Cigarette

All of our premium and naturally flavoured e-liquid is made specifically for use with an electronic cigarette. Now you can enjoy some of the highest quality e-liquid flavours right here in Australia, available locally from our warehouse in Melbourne. Our premium range and naturally flavoured e-liquids produce thick vapour clouds with full, rich and robust flavours to give you the most enjoyable vaping experience available.


All of our products are 100% nicotine free, we do not sell any products that contain nicotine. We believe in purity, we do not recommend or promote the use of nicotine as it is an addictive substance. Our goal is to deliver only naturally flavoured premium quality e-liquid, at reasonable prices. We take great pride in our products and only sell or recommend what we would personally use on a day to day basis. If you are after a nicotine alternative we recommend trying our throat hit enhancer.

Australia’s Naturally Flavoured E-Liquid Supplier

Artistry Extracts offers some of the best e-liquid and e-juice flavours which contain the finest ingredients. We are committed to our customers, we believe that taste is extremely important and is the first sense to be heightened when using e-liquid. We have an amazing range of premium rich tasting flavours that we are sure all e-cigarette users will love.

What is Vapour Production?

Vapour production refers to the amount of vapour produced when exhaling e-liquid through an electronic cigarette. Vapour production plays an important role in e-liquid and e-juice. When it comes to vapour production vapers like to see thick vapour clouds. The amount of vapour you’ll get depends on a number of factors including the PG/VG ratio your e-liquid is mixed at, what type of atomizer you are using, what type of device you have and what voltage your device is set at. Propylene glycol produces less vapour and is a thin liquid whereas Vegetable Glycerin produces thicker vapour and is a thick liquid.
The amazing range of e-liquid products that we offer have been developed to provide an impressive thick and rich vapour that is consistent throughout all of the products we sell.

Propylene Glycol & Vegetable Glycerin

If you are new to e-cigarettes, the terms “propylene glycol” and “vegetable glycerin” may seem foreign to you. It pays to understand the fundamentals of these components. The most important thing to remember about PG and VG is that both are considered “Safe” for consumption by the FDA, you’re already consuming them in processed food and applying them to your skin in the form of cosmetic products. While propylene glycol is a synthetic chemical, vegetable glycerin is derived from plants, some people prefer VG for this reason. PG is a thinner liquid and some say it adds a better flavour to the e-liquid. VG is a thicker liquid and adds more vapour, but some feel that it can reduce the taste and throat hit of the e-liquid.

Due to its excellent stability, propylene glycol is used as a moisturiser in food, medicines, toothpaste and cosmetics. In addition to its use as a carrier in E-liquid, PG is also added to pipe tobacco to preserve moisture. Additionally, propylene glycol is used in products with flavourings due to its ability to compound citrus or other emulsified flavours often added to E-liquid.
Some people have been known to have an allergic reaction to PG, in this case they would use a VG based e-liquid.
Vegetable glycerin, or vegetable glycerol, is a plant-based carbohydrate used as a base, moisturizer or carrier in common food and health products such as cake mix, toothpaste, and gel capsules. Vegetable glycerin is sometimes preferred over propylene glycol because of its increased vapour production. VG has low potential to irritate eyes or other mucus membranes and is not known to cause skin reactions. One of the common side effects reported from use of VG in E-liquid, is mild sore throat and dry mouth. Increasing water intake usually alleviates side effects.

Ultimately, whether to use a PG or VG-based E-liquid comes down to individual user preference.

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